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Warden Web Panel released

Today is the day, in which the Warden Web Panel has been finally released. It is available in the Azure cloud, where you can create a free account and use it immediately, or, if you wish to host it on your own, just clone the repository and run the web application – it’s actually quite easy to get it up and running on localhost in a matter of minutes (or even seconds).
In the post details, you can find more information about the idea behind the Web Panel UI and what can be done do with this tool in terms of managing the monitoring workspace, displaying the real-time statistics or browsing the historical data.

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Warden Web Panel – UI prototype

In my latest post, I’ve stated that one day I’d like to provide some kind of UI for the users, that would visualize what’s going on in their system that is being monitored by the Warden.
As you may have noticed, this special day has come quite fast.
In this post, I’ll present the first prototype of the web interface design (that took me just a couple of minutes to complete).

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