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Warden Web Panel – UI prototype

In my latest post, I’ve stated that one day I’d like to provide some kind of UI for the users, that would visualize what’s going on in their system that is being monitored by the Warden.
As you may have noticed, this special day has come quite fast.
In this post, I’ll present the first prototype of the web interface design (that took me just a couple of minutes to complete).

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Warden migration to .NET Core

Big changes related to the Warden project – it has been totally rewritten to the new .NET Core in order to support cross-platform capabilities (at least in a future).
The functionality per se (including API) didn’t change, yet from now on you can use Warden with the new DNX runtime.
If you’re interested in the migration process, a current status of this update (including the supported parts of the project) and what are the next goals – take a look at the whole post.

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