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Distributed .NET Core – Teaser

Hi there, folks. It’s been a while (a quarter to be exact) since I’ve announced for the first time Microservices in .NET Core with DShop series as a part of DevMentors idea. I do apologize for not being consistent back then, however, there was a single reason for it – together with Darek we did rewrite lots of code after gathering a great feedback during our lectures.
May I present you, the very first teaser of our incoming video series.

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.NET Core Microservices – DShop

It’s been a while since I published the latest article, but it’s high time to finally get into the topic of microservices for real. Does open source, .NET Core, distributed system, Docker and other cool words sound good to you? If that’s the case, stick with me and let me guide you through the world (or at least part of it) of microservices. This is going to be the very first article (an introduction) of the upcoming series.

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