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Partial update your .NET Core HTTP API resources

Today, I was struggling with the idea of so-called partial updates. Imagine the following scenario, which is actually a quite common one. You’d like to update some resource in your HTTP API, for example, the product object. However, such entity may contain a lot of properties, tens or even hundreds, and you want to change only its name or a few more things as well (doesn’t really matter). And that’s where JSON Patch comes in really handy.

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Building .NET Core apps with BitBucket Pipelines and Docker

Recently, I started researching tools and services for the build automation. Being a long user of TeamCity and currently Travis CI (also had some experience with Jenkins, AppVeyor and VSTS) I wanted to find out what else is there. Then I realized that there’s a build server built into BitBucket, thus I decided to give it a go.

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ASP.NET Core deployment using Docker, Nginx and Ubuntu Server

Since ASP.NET Core became a truly cross-platform framework, we’re free to use other environments such as Linux in order to host our applications. This is a great opportunity not only to reduce the possible licensing costs but also to try out a new environment. In the video tutorial below, I’ll show you how to build a Docker image using ASP.NET Core, publish it to the Virtual Machine running in the Digital Ocean and use Nginx to expose the app to the world.

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