I can offer the variety of services such as programming, designing solutions, consulting, mentoring, workshops, DevOps and much more. You can download the .NET Core offering if you’re interested in this particular technology. My profile can be also found on LinkedIn and browse the source code of my open source projects such as Warden, Lockbox, Medium, Collectively as well as my sample repositories on GitHub.
Besides that, I’m also developing other applications, such as Fortitudo.
Feel free to browse my social media profiles or contact me directly.

Here are my main interests:

  • Full-stack C#, .NET, .NET Core and JavaScript development.
  • Desiging system architecture, (micro)services, CQRS, RESTful API.
  • .NET Core expertise and developing C# apps on Linux/macOS.
  • DevOps – continuous integration & deployment, build servers, linux hosting, Nginx.
  • Docker and managing containers infrastructure with Rancher.
  • Consulting, mentoring and workshops.
  • Screencasts and courses.
  • Open source contributions.
  • Documentation (Wiki, Apiary etc.).