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NDepend – the king of code metrics

NDepend is one of these tools, that I have ever wanted to try out, but somehow couldn’t find the right moment to do so. Quite recently, I’ve eventually decided to give it a shot and I can honestly say that I’m very impressed with the outcome.
This tool provides so many statistics and analytics that I’m still wondering what else can be checked in terms of .NET projects complexity, structure, layering, readability and other important things which in the end make a real difference between the great, good, average and poor software.
Since I’m working on an open source project Warden, I’ve decided that it will be my “battlefield”, simply by its very nature – being open source, means anyone can browse and compile your code, therefore you’d rather keep it neat & clean, so that other folks don’t have to swear or yell when they deal with it.

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