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Don’t miss the .NET Developer Days

Although I’m not a big fan of the Autumn (usually a cold weather, rain, not too enjoyable environment to ride a motorcycle and so on), there’s at least one nice thing about this part of the year – a lot of great IT conferences. And one of such is the .NET Developer Days – probably the biggest conference related to the .NET technologies in the whole eastern part of the Europe.

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Open source tabula rasa

A few days ago I’ve gave it a shot and posted a link to my project on the reddit. Amongst some positive comments, there was this one:

I would never use a library that is not documented at all

Although it was the very first version of the Sentry, a typical preview & work in progress thingy (which I did forget to mention in my post), I’ve realized that it’s high time to provide some form of documentation, otherwise why would anyone use that library, even if it was making a miracles? I thought that maybe the already existing default file with a brief decription of the project and code samples + very modest wikipage would be good enough for some time… oh boy I couldn’t be more wrong.

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Fortitudo ( – first beta version coming soon!

For over a year, I’ve been working (after hours of course) with a friend of mine on the application called Fortitudo (
What is is exactly? Well, it’s a mobile application (Android for now, the web version lacks functionality and is just a prototype) that will help you track your training progress. There’s a list of training plans that you can choose from and then generate a training plan that is suited to your needs. You may edit that plan, save your progress, add new personal bests and even create your own training plans using our specialized editor (yes, I’ve created a kind of the DSL for that occasion). Have a look at our website at, like our fanpage and follow our Twitter. Oh, and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter! 🙂

“Daj się poznać 2016” – I’m in.

I’ve just joined Daj się poznać which is a kind of programming competition, however it’s not just about writing a software (that has to be open source BTW) but equally important part is blogging. I’ve decided to create a library called Sentry, that will allow to define a set of operations to provide “health check” for applications, resources and infrastructure, yet I’ll write more about that in the future posts. The source code can be found on GitHub.

I wish all the best for all of the competitors (and for myself, to make that project happen)!

Now, shall we begin?

Hi, this is the first (git commit -m “init”) post on this blog!

After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve eventually decided to start my own blog, in which I’m planning to post (mostly) stuff related to the broad area of software development. Please keep in mind, that I’m not a native english speaker, hence you may find here some linguistic “bugs”, yet I do want to believe that at some point in the future, the information that I’m planning to publish here, may be found useful also by some folks who don’t really know much about polish ;).

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