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Storing C# app settings with JSON

JSON format has been a standard used amongst many different framework and languages for quite a few years now. It’s so cool, that even the .NET Core team have decided to include it in its framework which results in e.g. being able to store the application settings within a JSON file, which is much more human readable and less bloated than the old one App or Web.config written using the XML.
In today’s post, I’d like to present how easy it is to create your own JSON configuration reader and move the application settings to such file.

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Post/Redirect/Get with new ASP.NET 5 & MVC 6

Post/Redirect/Get or PRG in short is a common pattern used amongst many web applications, that was designed to prevent duplicate submissions of the forms. Not using such pattern may result e.g. in multiple transactions by POSTing the same form twice, which is something that we definitely do not want to see in our applications. Although, it’s quite easy to be implemented in it’s purest form, it’s a little bit more tricky if we want to save the input data provided by the user (let’s say the form has a lot of fields, and regular redirect would reset it to its initial state since it renders a brand new view). In this post, I’ll present how to add such filters to the MVC application that will both save the input data and also the display the validation errors from the ModelState object.

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Pagination for MSSQL & MongoDB

Pagination is (should be) a well-known concept for most of the developers. Whether we want to execute an optimized query on a database that will fetch just a small subset of all available records or increase the web service throughput by returning less data than it’s needed – it all boils down to the efficient usage of the pagination.
I’m going to present my approach to this mechanism, both for the MSSQL and MongoDB databases, yet it can be also used in any other scenario such as in memory pagination.

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Fortitudo ( – first beta version coming soon!

For over a year, I’ve been working (after hours of course) with a friend of mine on the application called Fortitudo (
What is is exactly? Well, it’s a mobile application (Android for now, the web version lacks functionality and is just a prototype) that will help you track your training progress. There’s a list of training plans that you can choose from and then generate a training plan that is suited to your needs. You may edit that plan, save your progress, add new personal bests and even create your own training plans using our specialized editor (yes, I’ve created a kind of the DSL for that occasion). Have a look at our website at, like our fanpage and follow our Twitter. Oh, and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter! 🙂