Date archives "January 2019"

Distributed .NET Core – Episode 6 (Service discovery & Load balancing with Consul + Fabio)

The sixth episode was released. During this video, we make use of Consul – a service registry, which enables the service discovery capabilities for the microservices and eventually, we add Fabio on top of the stack, which provides an additional load balancer and a dynamic routing table.

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Distributed .NET Core – Episode 5 (CQRS – Read side, Internal HTTP communication)

The fifth episode is available. In this video, we talk about queries (read side) part of CQRS. At first, we implement QueryHandlers and DTOs and eventually, we introduce an internal HTTP communication between API Gateway and microservice using RestEease.

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Distributed .NET Core – Episode 4 (Asynchronous microservices integration via events)

The fourth episode was published. In this video, we’re implementing the events and event handlers as a way of asynchronous integration between microservices, that reduces the temporal coupling and improves the overall resiliency.

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