Date archives "December 2018"

Distributed .NET Core – Episode 3 (Subscribing RabbitMQ messages, API gateway)

The third episode is available. We’re talking about the RabbitMQ message bus and implementing the message subscription on the service side, meaning that you shall be able to listen to the particular messages being sent to the message bus and handle them, just as we did in the previous episode, using in-memory command dispatcher.

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Distributed .NET Core – Episode 2 (CQRS – Write side, Discounts service, MongoDB repository)

The second episode is here. In this video, we’re going through CQRS and implement a basic HTTP API, that is able to receive and handle the command. In the next episodes, we’ll be extending the newly created Discounts Service, in order to make it work with the overall solution (remaining microservices).

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Distributed .NET Core – Episode 1 (Intro, HTTP requests flow, Infrastructure with Docker)

After almost 3 months, since we released the Distributed .NET Core Teaser and a lot of refactoring and code improvements along with custom libraries being implemented, we’d like to present the first episode of our online course, where we’re talking about setting up your environment, starting the services and validating HTTP requests.

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