Warden 2.0

It’s been a while since I last published a post. There are some projects, courses, and events going on, thus I didn’t want to write just about anything. Nevertheless, I decided to get back to some of my core open source projects, as few of them didn’t receive any update for way too long. And here it is, the Warden project is back.


Warden is my first open source project ever, that actually gained some traction (over 500 stars so far). It was also one of the reasons I started this blog 2 years ago. The idea behind it is quite simple – back then, I was looking for a tool (to be specific, a framework or library) that would help me write my own monitoring application. And it wasn’t just about monitoring, I also needed to know when some specific error happens (callback) so that I could write a code and react to it e.g. restart the VM if the API is not responding anymore, or run a query on a database. I couldn’t find anything like that written with the C#. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to create it on on my own. During these times, also the .NET Core framework was going through some heavy development (do you remember early alpha, beta, preview, whatever releases?), however despite all of these issues, it seemed as a good fit for creating a truly cross-platform solution.

You may find pretty much everything (code, docs, samples etc.) about Warden on its landing page, main repository and the GitHub organization. What I wanted to mention here, is that after a long break (over half a year) I finally decided that it needs to get an update. What changed? I included the full compatibility with .NET Standard 2.0, moved all of the extensions (over 15 projects) into their own repositories, updated the documentation and so on. These are not the major changes, however, given the fact that everything is up to date now with the latest version of .NET Core and resides in their own repositories, it makes is much easier to organize the work and further development.

Finally, we also had some plans to create a brand new web application along with the microservices on the backend side, in order to provide a real-time monitoring system, that you could use on your own or as the SaaS model. There is quite a lot of additional repositories (Warden.Services.Xxx) and I also wrote about this idea here, but we’ve stopped the development, due to some other projects and activities that consumed our time back then. However, I do hope and believe that one day we’ll get back to it, and maybe if you’re interested in the open source contribution, just leave a comment or send me a message.

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  1. Mateusz

    WItaj Piotrze,

    Chciałbym zapytać z jakiego hostingu korzystasz ? Masz VPS czy cały serwer ? Jesteś w stanie coś stabilnego polecić ?

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