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.NET Core DevOps with Docker, Travis CI and Rancher – part 1

Welcome to the first part about DevOps and automating the deployment for the .NET Core apps with the usage of Docker, Travis CI (I’ll also mention how to use BitBucket Pipelines) and Rancher. The purpose of this tutorial is to show you that setting up the CI & CD for the projects that you’re working on is not as complex as it may seem at the first glance. The slides for the presentation can be found here.

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Partial update your .NET Core HTTP API resources

Today, I was struggling with the idea of so-called partial updates. Imagine the following scenario, which is actually a quite common one. You’d like to update some resource in your HTTP API, for example, the product object. However, such entity may contain a lot of properties, tens or even hundreds, and you want to change only its name or a few more things as well (doesn’t really matter). And that’s where JSON Patch comes in really handy.

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