4developers – Gdańsk 2017

4developers – Gdańsk 2017

The second edition of the 4developers – one of the biggest IT conferences here in Poland is about to take place in less than a month. And I will be a speaker here once again.


In case you’ve never heard of 4developers before (really?), just take a look at my summary of the previous edition that was held at the beginning of the April this year. It was my first time to speak at such a big conference ever – I already had some experience, but it was gained mostly during meetups of the local programming communities, while 4developers was much more demanding due to the number of participants and its huge scale.

I’m happy to announce, that you will be able to meet me again at 18th of September in the beautiful city of Gdańsk (I really wanted to visit this place again this year, so this is really great) and I’ll be once again a speaker. The topic of my presentation is: “.NET Core – from zero to deployment” and I’ll share with you my experience and the knowledge gained over the 1,5 year working with .NET Core and deploying the applications using a variety of tools and services. If you’re wondering how to work with Docker, build servers, Linux, Rancher and other tools in order to automate building, testing and deployoing .NET Core applications, as well as managing and orchestrating them e.g. while dealing with a distributed services, make you sure you will not miss my lecture, that will be all about practical examples anyway.

What can I say more? The previous edition that took place in Warsaw was a really nice event and I’m pretty confident that in Gdańsk, although the overall number of the “paths” will be lower, you will be happy with the outcome as well.

And if you’re don’t have a ticket yet, you can purchase one here and use the promo code 2017_ZnamSpeakera which reduces the ticket price by 20%, enjoy!

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  1. soniya

    Great post. I found your website perfect for my needs. Very useful info specifically the last part. Thank you for sharing with us, and we sincerely hope you will continue to update or post other articles

  2. flashessay.com/blog/great-inventors-and-scientists-who-struggled-with-math

    Tell me please, on what language usually the conference is going? I’m a team lead of small indie company with outsource in Ukraine and Russia. It’s crucial for me to have good educated employees. As you know even Github and Stack Overflow can’t do all the teaching sh*t. So I’m always trying to find something interesting and useful so they could visit it. If most of lectures and workshops are on English or Russian, it’s all right then. However, if it on Polish, I can’t force them to learn new language for that.


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