Blogging, why?

People sometimes ask what’s the point of blogging. What’s the secret of being consistent and what’s the motivation behind such activity? And what are the profits? A few weeks ago, Andrzej Krzywda (owner of asked his followers on Snapchat to send him a reason why they’re blogging (or not). I put some thoughts into it, and here is my answer.


I had to start

I started blogging, cause I was “forced” to – well at least that was the main requirement of “Get Noticed” competition. In the past, I had a very short episode related to blogging, so it was a great opportunity to start, as I already felt back then, that sooner or later I’ll have to give a try one once again.

Sharing knowledge

Definitely, the most valuable part of blogging and actually the same applies to the open workshops or public speeches. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced one software engineer it does not matter that much as long as you have the willingness to publicly share your experiences. You should not care about your skills that much – there will always be other folks searching for answers for a variety of topics on a different level. It’s good to browse the content published by other people, but it’s even better to share your own.


Don’t want to remain anonymous until the end of your career? Start blogging, it’s that simple. Once you start publishing some interesting content, more and more people will be visiting your website and they will at least remember your last name. And who knows, maybe some of them will even remember you and at some point in the future offer a well-paid job?


You never know who’s actually reading your articles or playing with your open source code. And sometimes, these people might be your future clients, business partners or coworkers.
I did receive quite a few great offerings thanks to some articles in which I shared code about a solution that seemed obvious to me. Thus, if you’re looking for a new, interesting job, getting some recognition will definitely improve your chances.


After some time, once people realize that you constantly provide a legit and informative content, you shall get more and more followers. And as in every other network, some of these followers might be actually well-known software developers, so you can imagine that promoting your ideas, posts or custom projects will be much easier as you reach more publicity and page views.


Influencing others, whether these are your friends or some totally random people from all around the world that you never met is a very powerful phenomenon. Trust me, it does feel great indeed, once you receive a message from a guy who would like to thank you, for persuading him/her to start his/her own blog or open source project, due to your content publishing activities. It feels like giving someone a courage, to fully show him/herself to the outside world.


This one varies from person to person, but for me, blogging is a sort of constant factor.
Since I started writing posts, only once (which happened last week due to the very late return from a moto trip) I did not publish a post on the Monday’s morning. Other than that – I tend to write articles every week and stick to it. Such small things are important and do help organize our time in a better way.

Hone language skills

Maybe not the most important aspect, yet for sure, quite a useful one. Although I’m not a native English speaker, and still, I’m making some mistakes while talking or writing, I’m pretty certain that as the time goes by, the content being published by myself is getting better in terms of grammar or more advanced phrases.

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