“Becoming a software developer” course will have 24 episodes

“Becoming a software developer” course will have 24 episodes

I have quite a good news for everyone who’s been following my programming course.
“Becoming a software developer” will receive 8 additional episodes, which is going to result in the total number of 24. Wondering why? Here are the main reasons why 16 episodes will not be sufficient enough.


24 is a nice number

Seriously 16 is ok, but look at 24 – ain’t it better? It’s much more adult than a sixteen.

Too many things to cover

Ok, seriously now. When we thought for the first time about the idea of the Passenger application it seemed both cool and easy to implement. However, it turned out that there’s so much different aspects, patterns and practices that require an explanation that it’s simply not doable in 8 episodes. Maybe if this project was a very simple CRUD it would be possible, yet apparently it’s not – otherwise, this course wouldn’t make much sense, as it would be pretty much the same as the other ones.

Recording without cuts

Yes, that’s also true. I do record a video as a whole without any editing afterward whatsoever. I do want to be as natural as possible while explaining stuff and writing the code. It’s pretty much a live stream session available for the offline viewing. And that’s the reason why sometimes you can see me making errors, spending a few minutes trying to resolve bugs etc. That’s the way that a real-world programming does look like. There’s no need to try to appear as an ideal software engineer who writes a perfect code without any bugs – it just doesn’t’ work this way.

After hours activity

Since I’ve been doing this in my spare time totally for free, I can’t spend as much time additional as I would e.g. while preparing a paid course. It doesn’t mean that I’m not doing my best, quite opposite I do, but I have to think about the time constraints and do some actual work and projects in a regular time. This is the reason why sometimes things may seem a little bit chaotic or buggy, cause I didn’t put as much thought into it as I wished.

“Do or don’t, there’s no try.”

Although I’m not a big fan of Star Wars, I really love this quote (amongst few others). Whatever you do in your life and it’s valuable to you or the others, you either do your best in order to achieve the goal/meet the requirements or don’t do it at all (same applies to work – either for a good money or totally for free). I would feel very bad if at one point I’d decide to just stop recording the videos and leave you on your own without further explanation, or simply start writing code that I’d be ashamed of.

Perfect timing

I did a quick calculation and it turns out, that the last 24th episode shall be published on 6th of July. And it’s just great, as 8th of July we’ll most likely have our latest .NET Core Tour Workshops in Warsaw. Thus, basically there 2 months of traveling, speaking and teaching ahead of us and this course is just a perfect addendum to all of it.


The more you practice something, the better you get at it (which would be recording screencasts in that case). I can already tell you that within few weeks you can expect another online course of mine (however paid one this time), so stay tuned.

6 Comments “Becoming a software developer” course will have 24 episodes

  1. Marek Malbrandt

    “this course wouldn’t make much sense, as it would be pretty much the same as the other ones.”

    Don’t be so modest 😀 You are showing good and real-world practices and explaing everything clearly. Other courses focus mainly on simple basics.

    Thanks and good luck.

      1. Matt

        Can you give us any information about upcoming course? (The paid one)
        What will it be about / what content it will contain ?

        1. Piotr Gankiewicz

          Also about building full backend HTTP API (different domain) from the scratch. There will be most likely 2 courses – basic one and then more advanced built on top of the first part. Moreover, a friend of mine will create a front-end course using Aurelia + TypeScript to build a web application using the API :).

          1. Matt

            Thanks for reply.
            1. So theses courses will be also in .NET ?
            2. They will contain very basics also (for example what is varabile / what is controller from asp.net mvc) or they will be a little more advanced like currently course ? Please do it more advanced with best practices 🙂

          2. Piotr Gankiewicz

            Fully .NET Core, but neither of these 2 will be more advanced than this one. This one already is, so maybe if there was another paid course upcoming later in the future it can be about more advanced stuff.

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