Web design and big data

Web design and big data

And here comes the guest article from Jenny Holt about the influence of big data on the web design in general.


The Future of Web Design in the Big Data Age

For the benefit of anybody who has spent the last five years in a cave, big data is exactly what it says on the tin. But the name doesn’t really do it justice – imagine if someone had suggested calling the Atlantic Ocean, ‘Big Puddle’ and you start to get the idea. Big data should really be called mind-bogglingly uncountably vast data. And it is changing the face of the online world in more ways than you can imagine.

The field of big data analytics has evolved with the phenomenon of big data itself, in order to try and make sense of the strategic and marketing insights that big data can bring. As organizations are able to learn more from every transaction, mouse click, social media share and all the other data streams that contribute to big data, their insights into our online behavior will feed back into their websites and the growth and development of the Internet as a whole. Let’s take a look into the crystal ball and see just how big data might affect web design over the coming years.

Data driven design

A major aspect of web design comes down to aesthetics and user experience. These are, by definition, subjective and are influenced by the personal tastes and opinions of the design team.

Today’s business intelligence tools are already capable of measuring click-through rates, multivariate testing and other similar metrics to add some science to the design process. Over the coming years, these tools will increase in both effectiveness and affordability, making data-driven design the industry standard.

Programmatic transactions

Big data will also change the advertising landscape beyond recognition. Programmatic transactions refer to the use of software to make purchasing decisions instead of fallible humans. It is already being seen as the way forward by an increasing amount of companies, despite some adverse media attention as a result of problems that really stem from some decision makers failing to properly understanding how to apply this developing technology.

More personalized user experience

The more insights that websites gain about their visitors through big data, the more they will be able to tailor those sites accordingly. In the long term, that will mean a more user-driven experience for every individual who surfs the net. Those tailored ads that appear on your social media feed showing the product or service you have just been Googling are only the beginning. The Internet of the future will be able to anticipate what you are looking for before you even know it yourself.

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