Pros & cons of working from home

Pros & cons of working from home

Today’s post was written by Jenny Holt who asked me if she could write a contributed content for my blog. She did agree with one of my previous articles about working remotely and wanted to share her thoughts about that matter. Thank you, Jenny!


Unique online opportunities for people in IT

According to LinkedIn, IT jobs will be one of the very few fields where demand for work will rise in 2017. The general level of competition for jobs seems to be higher than it has ever been. The demand means that for those in IT, income streams beckon. The Internet has made it possible to leverage skills and knowledge remotely, which many are turning into their day job. Here are some of the unique opportunities for people in IT who would prefer to work from home.


Given the demand for IT experts and practitioners, training people could be a way to make money online. The good thing about training is that the IT professional does not have to be involved with students daily, or even ever. Creating a digital course would be the easiest way to make money for an IT person who wants to work from home. The best model is creating a PDF course then a video course as an upsell. PDF and video courses only need to be created once and the rest of your efforts can go into marketing the product. When clients buy in, they get a download link. If there are many video course students, the IT professional can then graduate some to a masters’ class where one-on-one sessions are provided via Skype or through a live class once a week in a closed Facebook group. The income is largely passive and all work can be done from home.


Another option for remote IT workers, is to provide consulting services for companies that can’t afford to hire the professional expertise they need. These consultancy calls would have to be few and highly priced for the viability of the model. The IT professional could handle these gigs via email or a video call at an appointed time every week. Startups that lack expertise but require assistance, can pay hourly for the services. Consultancy and training are business ventures in their own right that can easily be conducted in a remote working environment. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, for these remote consultancy calls. However, IT practitioners should be familiar with the benefits and problems with working from home before committing to a homebased IT business.

Blogging on data and cloud

There is a reason why Mashable is such a big brand; they leveraged their ability to simplify complex tech matters and make them accessible to the general populace. An IT professional of repute can make money off detailed but simple content on data and the cloud. These two subjects are currently important in the world of tech. Those who write about niche technical subjects can make money from advertising and affiliate programs, so long as the blog attracts a decent amount of visitors.

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    1. Piotr Gankiewicz

      I can agree with that, however, you have to beware that one of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of the physical contact with other team members and your soft skills are getting weaker.


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