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It’s still over a month till the .NET Developer Days conference will take place in the Warsaw’s EXPO XXI, yet it’s a good time to start thinking which talks should one choose, as there will be 3 rooms A,B and C and the presentations will run in parallel.


Let’s start with the 20th of October, the first day of the conference. After an official opening and the first presentation from the Jon Skeet named “C#: open, evolving, everywhere“, I’d probably pick either “Hands-on experience: what it means to design a domain model” by Dino Esposito or the “Tackling complexities and mediating hexagonal challenges ” mostly due to the fact that I’m a big fan of the Onion architecture.

Next, I’d go to the “Why service oriented architecture?” by Sean Farmar, as the microservices have been quite a fancy topic for some time now. After the lunch, there are 3 talks that I’d like to see at once to be the honest, but having to choose only one of them, I’d probably go for the “Functional, reactive web abstractions for .NET” by Adam Granicz, not just because he’s the polish speaker, but I really like the functional features available in the C# language.
And for the last presentation on Thursday, I’d pick the “CQRS for… everyone!“, yet again not just because I actually know Maciej personally, in my opinion, the CQRS is a really interesting approach that can solve the specific problems in a particular domain of the software and I’d like to know more about it.

And here comes the second day of the conference (hopefully, if the after party the day before won’t be too demanding). I’d like to start with the “Abusing C#” by Jon Skeet being one of the most famous C# developers in the world. Then, another presentation by Dino Esposito, but this time about the “DDD: Where’s the Value and What’s in It for Me?” – I’m also a big fan of the Domain Driven Design (BTW it feels like a sort of déjà vu – a second day of the conference that begins with the talks by the same two persons).

Before the lunch, I’d pick the “Building (micro) services in .NET” by Sean Farmar and eventually, for the last session of the day (before the finishing talk by Ted Neward about the “Rethinking Enterprise“) I’d choose the “Immutability in C#” again by Jon Skeet – I do believe that immutability can help solve a lot of issues while designing the software (you can read my post about it here).

I hope that I’ll be able to show up in Warsaw for that conference, yet if you come to the Kraków this week, I’ll be at the DevDay starting with the before party after the KGD.NET meetup on Wednesday 14th of September, so see you there as well!

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