Don’t miss the .NET Developer Days

Don’t miss the .NET Developer Days

Although I’m not a big fan of the Autumn (usually a cold weather, rain, not too enjoyable environment to ride a motorcycle and so on), there’s at least one nice thing about this part of the year – a lot of great IT conferences. And one of such is the .NET Developer Days – probably the biggest conference related to the .NET technologies in the whole eastern part of the Europe.


The event will be held (for a third time already) in the EXPO XXI in Warsaw on 20-21st of October (and 19th of October if you would like to participate in the pre-conference). The previous editions were a big success (over 500 participants) and this one ought to be even better.
Once you take a look at the speakers’ list, you will find one of the most well known names in the world within our industry, such as Jon Skeet or Dino Esposito, not to forget about our polish representatives like Maciej Aniserowicz or Tomasz Kopacz. It’s not going to be the first time to be able to see these great guys on stage here in Poland, though, as for example, Scott Hanselman or Scott Hunter were already there last time.

During the conference you will be able to choose between 3 rooms (A, B, C) to find the most interesting and valuable lecture at the given time – just take a look at the website and you will surely find many interesting topics. And that’s the first part – the second one are the workshops where you will be able to gather the knowledge and hone your skills in one of the 4 selected areas related to the .NET world.

Additionally, there will be an after party, yet not the typical one as you may be already accustomed to. The organizers of the conference would like to “activate” the participants and for example, allow them to present their own ideas on stage – that sounds really cool and will be especially helpful for all of these people who would like to find out how it is to be this guy on stage talking to the audience.

The question is – will you participate in the .NET Developer Days?

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