Integration with Twilio

The Twilio integration allows sending the SMS. It completes a basic setup as the SendGrid integration for sending email messages is also available. As usual, quite easy to get it up and running within a minute – just take a look into the post details.


The Twilio integration is of course available as a NuGet package:

As the name states, it allows to integrate the Warden instance with the Twilio service so that it’s possible to send SMS. For example, you may want to receive an instant message when a database goes down (as hopefully will never happen). The configuration is very similar to all of the previous integrations setup:

Just invoke the available extension method IntegrateWithTwilio(), provide the Account SID, AuthToken and default sender phone number.

From that point, you can use another extension SendSmsAsync() while configuring the hooks and that’s all that it takes to send the SMS.
You may also use supplementary options while configuring this integration e.g. WithDefaultReceivers() to set the default phone numbers of the SMS receivers.

The Twilio integration is a rather small plugin but performs the required job.

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