Free SSL by Let’s Encrypt – IIS setup

I’ve heard about this group/movement which provides a free access to the SSL/TLS certificates and have decided to check it out since I want the Warden project to be secured, especially the Web Panel where some sensitive data might be stored. Actually, I still can’t believe that it was so easy to do, basically just a single click (no kidding).
Allow me present you the Let’s Encrypt and explain how easy it is, to make it work with IIS.


The solution is actually quite straightforward, just go to the following website, in order to download the letsencrypt-win-simple tool. Next, unpack the ZIP archive and run the only .exe file that can be found, which is the letsencrypt.exe. You will see the similar output (with a list of the websites configured under IIS).

Let's Encrypt exe

Let’s Encrypt – run the application, select the website and you’re all set.


Just select the website, click enter and that’s all. In order to ensure that the certificate has been installed correctly, open the IIS and you should be able to see a new binding for port 443 with a brand new certificate.

Let's Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt – new certificate and binding should be immediately available.

From now on, you can open the secured version of a website, like in my case. You don’t even need to worry about the certificate renewal as it’s done automatically via the Task Scheduler configured when you create the certificate using the mentioned application.

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