Warden goes Azure and gets a logo

Big updates related to the Warden project are coming this and the upcoming week.
The first release (1.0.0) has just been published to the NuGet and additionally the Web Panel is almost completed.
Not only the web interface will be available as a part of the repository, but also, it will be running in the Azure cloud in case you’d like to play with it or store your monitoring data without a need to provide own, hosting environment.
And there is one more good news – Warden is getting a brand new logo.


I’ve got 3 logo prototypes and it was a difficult choice, but finally I’ve decided to take this one:

Warden logo

Warden logo

Also, you can find a totally new landing page under the domain getwarden.net.

Next week I’m planning to post some cool content (I’ll be doing it for the first time in my life), so please keep your fingers crossed :).

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