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Repository, so we meet again.

Many of the programmers fall into the trap of creating too many unnecessary abstractions in code, that may introduce even more chaos and maintenance issues, instead of simplifying overall project structure and providing some real benefit. One of such abstractions, that have been discussed countless number of times, is the (one and only) repository pattern. I’m going to mostly whine about this abstraction (I have to point out some common mistakes) which of course can be useful in some cases. In order to keep things clear (and stop making that wall of text even bigger wall), in the next post, I’ll provide code examples of the extension methods that you can use, to have your data access logic aggregated in a single place and separated from the other infrastructural code. Bare in mind that the extension methods are not the only solution (also query handlers may come in handy, which I’d like to discuss in the future as well).

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“Daj się poznać 2016” – I’m in.

I’ve just joined Daj się poznać which is a kind of programming competition, however it’s not just about writing a software (that has to be open source BTW) but equally important part is blogging. I’ve decided to create a library called Sentry, that will allow to define a set of operations to provide “health check” for applications, resources and infrastructure, yet I’ll write more about that in the future posts. The source code can be found on GitHub.

I wish all the best for all of the competitors (and for myself, to make that project happen)!

Now, shall we begin?

Hi, this is the first (git commit -m “init”) post on this blog!

After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve eventually decided to start my own blog, in which I’m planning to post (mostly) stuff related to the broad area of software development. Please keep in mind, that I’m not a native english speaker, hence you may find here some linguistic “bugs”, yet I do want to believe that at some point in the future, the information that I’m planning to publish here, may be found useful also by some folks who don’t really know much about polish ;).

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