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When it all started 100 posts ago…

21st April of 2017, almost 10 PM on the clock and 14 hours left till I get to my hometown of Kraków from Warsaw where I had participated in a Channel9 “Thursday with .NET” episode recording a day before. We had almost 2 hours talk about .NET Core along with lots of examples, it was a very nice experience indeed. And today I met with a friend of mine to discuss the premium course that we will be recording within the next few weeks. I also had a few other interesting meetings, exchanged quite a few messages, maybe I’ll even get to be MVP one day… but hold on a second, how did it even come to this? Let me tell you about my journey that began over a year ago and has been getting even more and more fascinating as the day goes by.

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If you want to make a God laugh tell him your plans – whether you agree with this saying or not, it does bring a lot of wisdom. Thus, should you be worried that randomness plays a really huge part in our lives? I don’t think so, and honestly, I’d even say otherwise – you should be thankful for that. Let me tell you my story.

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