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When it all started 100 posts ago…

21st April of 2017, almost 10 PM on the clock and 14 hours left till I get to my hometown of Kraków from Warsaw where I had participated in a Channel9 “Thursday with .NET” episode recording a day before. We had almost 2 hours talk about .NET Core along with lots of examples, it was a very nice experience indeed. And today I met with a friend of mine to discuss the premium course that we will be recording within the next few weeks. I also had a few other interesting meetings, exchanged quite a few messages, maybe I’ll even get to be MVP one day… but hold on a second, how did it even come to this? Let me tell you about my journey that began over a year ago and has been getting even more and more fascinating as the day goes by.

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If you want to make a God laugh tell him your plans – whether you agree with this saying or not, it does bring a lot of wisdom. Thus, should you be worried that randomness plays a really huge part in our lives? I don’t think so, and honestly, I’d even say otherwise – you should be thankful for that. Let me tell you my story.

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When someone talks about the diversification, it’s usually about financial assets. Every investor will tell you, that you should spread your investments amongst different sources of possible income. If you put 100% of all that you’ve got into a single asset and something goes wrong then you’re totally screwed. Yet, it’s not only about the financial market – let’s talk about diversifying our own skills.

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